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Automatic back flush column filter

  • Author:Cassie
  • Release on:2019-06-13

Automatic back flush column filter

  Automatic backwash filter with column and tube type, adopting combination of column and tube units to meet the requirement of large flow rate processing.Each unit can work independently or simultaneously, depending on requirements.

  The products are mainly used in Hydrotreater Protection
Hydrogenation protection: naphtha, kerosene, diesel oil, wax oil, etc
Product purification: coking wax oil, residue oil, etc

Product features:
1. Three mother pipe integrated system: inlet - outlet = backwash and drainage
2. Multi-tank, multi-row, engineering design
3. Standard fully automatic ball valve
4. Bundles are embedded as containers

The interior adopts wedge mesh filter element
The main advantages are:
1. Permanent filter element
2. Advanced backwashing technology
3. Internal/external backflushing
4. Original coking wax steam backwashing technology
5. Positive displacement
6. Single cutting or single cylinder cutting back flushing

  RKSfliud rix fluid is custom designed to adjust bottom frame size, size and quantity of each group.We can provide carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, PP, PE, PVC, UPVC, etc.The corresponding instrument can be configured.