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Manual valve operation method
Release on2019-04-01The manual valve is a valve operated by the handle and the hand wheel, and is a commonly used valve on the equipment pipeline. Its handle and handwheel rotate clockwise. To turn off, counterclockwise is on. However...Read More
RKSfluid New Generation Valve Seat
Release on2019-03-13RKSfluid lastest generation butterfly valve seat  is in production.
The following is comparison of the old and new generation seats...Read More
Flange knowledge
Release on2019-06-13It is usually matched on the water supply and drainage fittings (the most common on the expansion joint). When the factory leaves the factory, there is a flange at each end of the expansion joint, which is directly related to the project. Pipes and equipment are bolted...Read More
Valve definition term
Release on2019-08-301.Valve (valve) The total number of mechanical products with movable mechanisms used to control the flow of media within the pipe. 2.Gate valve The op...Read More
Butterfly valve classification
Release on2019-09-031. Classified by structure (1) Center sealing butterfly valve (2) Single eccentric sealing coal valve (3) Double eccentric sealing butterfly valve (...Read More
Soft and hard sealing butterfly valve features and differences
Release on2019-09-12The hard seal butterfly valve is made of metal material or harder other materials called "hard seal". This seal has poor sealing performance, but high...Read More
Twenty-five Taboos for Valve Installation
Release on2019-09-06Valves are the most common equipment in chemical companies. It seems easy to install valves, but if they are not implemented in accordance with the re...Read More
The Difference Between A Lug and Wafer Butterfly Valve
Release on2019-02-12Butterfly valves have been around for a long time, and are used for a variety of applications. They made their first appearance during the 1930s, and have been utilized by several industries ever since. Often made out of cast iron, butterfly valve's name is based from the functionality of its disc.Read More
Butterfly Valve Seat & Seal Ring Replacement Method
Release on2021-02-01The butterfly valve disc is a key component of the butterfly valve, which acts on closing and opening and closing. Butterfly valve seat and butterfly ...Read More
How to Install Valve and Flange
Release on2020-07-31Valve Installation 1.Before installation should check valve packing, the regulation of the gland bolts shall have sufficient margin. 2. Flanged or th...Read More
Butterfly Swing Check Valve
Release on2020-04-30The butterfly swing check valve uses in the industry, the environmental protection, the water treatment, the high-rise construction for the drain line...Read More
High Quality Sanitary Butterfly Valve by Which Standard?
Release on2020-04-17Sanitary butterfly valve adopting standard electronic polishing, smooth surface to ensure clean, no media accumulation area, no potential contaminatio...Read More
Application and Driving Mode of Sanitary Butterfly Valve in Sanitary Field
Release on2020-04-01Sanitary butterfly valve is a widely used valve in the sanitary field. The reason why it is called a butterfly valve is not to say that it looks like ...Read More
How Much Do You Know about The Principle and Installation of Butterfly Valves?
Release on2020-03-12Butterfly valve is a very common flow control device. Before it can be used better, we need to have a certain understanding of the principle and insta...Read More
Non-rising Stem Gate Valve Product Description
Release on2020-03-06The non-rising stem gate valve to use the nodular graphite casting softly to become, the weight compares the traditional gate valve weight to reduce a...Read More
RKSfluid Valve Takes You Understand Resilient Seat Gate Valve
Release on2020-01-21Resilient seat gate valve is a replacement product of traditional gate valve. It uses the elastic gate plate to produce a small amount of deformation ...Read More
Analysis of the Causes of Insufficient Closing of Butterfly Valves in Water Pipelines
Release on2020-01-13Many on-off valves on water pipelines use butterfly valves. To be precise, they are centerline rubber butterfly valves. Compared with other valves, bu...Read More
Application of Butterfly Valve in Sewage Treatment Plant
Release on2019-12-27Due to the wiping nature of the butterfly valve plate movement, most butterfly valves can be used for media with suspended solid particles. Depending ...Read More
Features and Precautions of Soft Seal Gate Valve
Release on2019-12-23The gate valve is often drained after washing, because foreign matter such as stones, wood blocks, cement, paper scraps, debris, and other mud accumulates on the bottom of the valve, which can easily cause it to become tight after closing and cause water leakage.Read More
Flanged Soft Seal Butterfly Valve Product Overview
Release on2019-12-13RKSfluid's professionally produced flanged soft-seal butterfly valve has the advantages of simple structure, small flow resistance coefficient, straig...Read More