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RKSfluid Filter Industry News

Bag Filter Introduction
Release on2019-06-11The product is a top-in and bottom-out filtration method. During operation, the filtrate flows from a high point to a low position...Read More
Automatic back flush column filter
Release on2019-06-13Automatic backwash filter with column and tube type, adopting combination of column and tube units to meet the requirement of large flow rate processing.Each unit can work independently or simultaneously, depending on requirements...Read More
How to Do the Cleaning of Prefilter?
Release on2019-08-23When using the prefilter, the filter needs to be cleaned at regularintervals. After all, the initial filter is not cleaned for a long time, whichmay r...Read More
Application of automatic backwashing filter in water industry
Release on2019-08-24Auto self-cleaning filter advantage in water pipeline.Read More
Candle filter test machine ended successfully
Release on2019-08-30In order to promote communication with the outside world and establish a stable, friendly and win-win supply system, the special organization designed...Read More
The Role of Candle Filter in Pesticide Production
Release on2019-08-30RKSfluid can customize the candle filter according to the customer's requirements and drawing. The product adopts unique slit type filter element, which is not easy to be stuck by impurities and easy to clean. It also installs ACS self-cleaning control system and DCS remote monitoring system, real-time monitoring and filtering. The thickness of the cake is cleaned at the right time to avoid frequent cleaning of the filter cover and save labor costs. The final product is screened by design, production, quality inspection and other departments to ensure that the performance of the filter is perfect.Read More
RKSfluid's Distinctive Bag Filter
Release on2019-09-12To say the originator of the filter, compared to the up-and-coming automatic backwash filter, scraper filter, candle filter, etc. The bag filter can be said to be well deserved, it is simple in structure, easy to operate, low cost and so on. It is still loved by many consumers.Read More
RKSfluid Desalination Project-2019
Release on2020-03-26This project is the desalination project of the island of Vietnam by RKSfluid. We design, procurement, installation, debugging and acceptance of the d...Read More
Explain in Detail Entire Working Process of RKSfluid Candle Filter
Release on2019-11-11The candle filter is completely sealed and leak-free without any environmental pollution. The filter design adopts a double structure, which has a wid...Read More
RKSfluid Precision Filter Application Field
Release on2019-11-01Please specify when ordering: detailed parameters such as product name, filtration accuracy, flow rate, temperature, pressure, nominal diameter, material, and connection method.Read More
Introduction to RKSfluid filter bag
Release on2019-10-12The filterbag is a part of the filter which is widely used and has a relatively frequentreplacement frequency. It can be said to be a relatively core ...Read More
Brief introduction to the principle of automatic backwashing filters and bag filters
Release on2019-09-23Brief introduction to the principle of automatic backwashing filters and bag filters Automatic backwash filter works 1.The water enters through t...Read More
Working Principle and Scope of Whirlcone
Release on2019-09-20The whirlcone is also a kind of filtering device. Unlike ordinary filters, ordinary filters pass filter elements such as filter bags and filter elemen...Read More