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Bag Filter Introduction

Cassie 2019-06-11 11:48:19

Top-in bag filter

Product description

  The product is a top-in and bottom-out filtration method. During operation, the filtrate flows from a high point to a low position, and the fluid is not affected by turbulence, so that the filtration efficiency and service life of the filter bag are fully utilized. When closed, the top cover of the filter directly presses the ring of the filter bag, which has better sealing performance and simple operation. The integrally cast filter cap is bolted to withstand higher pressures and is designed to meet ASME and CE standards.

Design Features

  The filter bag flows in from the top cover to reduce turbulence and improve filter bag filtration efficiency and service life.

  The top cover directly presses and seals the filter bag ring to ensure that the filtration process is nearly 100% without side leakage.

  The filter adopts an adjustable bracket for easy on-site installation

  The filter top cover is integrally cast, compact in structure, smooth in flow path, low in resistance, free of residuals and sanitary corners.

Side-in bag filter

Product description

  The product is an economical single bag filter with simple structure design and convenient maintenance. The interior adopts an integrated filter bag support structure design, and the inner wall is smooth and easy to clean. The side-in type bag filter top cover has two types of flat cover and precision cast concave cover. Its design is based on ASME and CE standards, which can meet the high pressure requirements of customers. The filter bag pressing device adopts a spring steel compression ring and RKS's unique adjustable filter bag pressing device, which makes the filter bag have better sealing performance inside the filter.

Design Features

  The side-in type filter eliminates the need to cut the pipe when opening the cover, making it easy to replace the filter bag. At the same time, the concave top cover design eliminates the overflow of the filtrate when the top cover is opened. The top cover can be adapted to the opening mode in different directions, and can flexibly meet the different working conditions of the site environment. The unique compression ring design allows the filter bag to be pressed at 360 degrees to ensure no side leakage. The high-quality electropolished support basket (punched or woven) has no burr on the surface, easy to take out, easy to clean, and can fully support the pressure of the filter bag. The filter features a stable adjustable bracket for easier installation. If the process requires continuous operation, a dual-cylinder model is available.

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