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Candle filter test machine ended successfully

Damon Lee 2019-08-30 09:20:13

In order to promote communication with the outside world and establish a stable, friendly and win-win supply system, the special organization designed and produced a number of small filter testing machines, including candle filters, scraper filters, automatic backwash filters, etc. The operation can visually see the operation principle of the filter, including filtration, liquid discharge, backflushing, slagging and other filtration steps. Because of its small size and easy handling, it is an invaluable technical exchange sample, which has been loved by customers, and therefore has a more intuitive understanding of the production technology of RKSfluid


On August 22nd, the candle filter test machine was successfully completed in the factory. The whole machine (including filter, filtrate tank, distribution box, etc.) was only 1.5 meters high. Due to its small size, it was designed, processed, assembled, Welding has greatly increased the difficulty, but the various departments of Hengyi still overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties, and are accurately completed with professional manufacturing level.

In the experiment, the filtrate is a mixture of water and diatomaceous earth. After repeated filtration of the filtrate, the filter element adsorbs impurities (diatomaceous earth), and finally the diatomaceous earth is completely separated from the water. The experiment machine can be operated in three modes: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. It simulates the whole process of daily production filtration, and exercises the sudden situation in the filtration, which really plays the effect of actual exercise. The filtered liquid is not mixed with batches, no residue, and the filter cake is dry and completely detached, fully embodying RKSfluid's superb filter production technology.