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Introduction to RKSfluid filter bag

RKSfluid Newsroom 2019-10-12 15:17:41
The filter bag is a part of the filter which is widely used and has a relatively frequent replacement frequency. It can be said to be a relatively core part in the process of filter filtration, and the filtering effect mainly depends on the material, the weaving method, and the subsequent processing.

Common filter bags are made of natural and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers include: cotton, hemp, silk, wool, etc. These filter bags are short in fiber and easy to swell in water, so they have strong performance in retaining impurities, and the filtering effect is good, but the highest safe temperature is low, and it is not resistant to acid. Alkali, not suitable for use in high temperature corrosive conditions. There are many types of synthetic fibers, such as nylon, polyester, acrylic, polyester, etc., which have higher safety temperature and chemical resistance than natural fibers.

In the weaving, the yarn can be selected from monofilament yarn, multifilament yarn and short fiber yarn. The filtration speed of the monofilament yarn filter cloth, the dryness of the filter cake and the ability to remove the cake are strong, and the filtrate transparency and use of the short fiber yarn filter cloth are used. The life is higher, and the various properties of the multifilament yarn are between the above two. In the production of the filter cloth, a weaving method or a non-woven method can be used. The weaving method is to weave the yarn into a filter cloth by using a certain weaving rule, and can be divided into plain, twill, and satin according to different weaving rules. Instead of weaving, wool or synthetic staple fibers are mechanically pressed into a "cloth" in which a resin binder can be added to ensure firmness. In terms of performance, although the filtering speed of the weaving filter bag is not as good as that of the non-woven filter bag, the filter cake drying rate, the cake breaking ability and the service life have strong advantages.

It can be said that there are many types of filter bags. When selecting the type, it is necessary to choose according to the requirements of the working conditions and the nature of the filtrate. Do not blindly follow. RKSfluid filter bags can be selected according to your requirements.

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