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RKSfluid Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

  • Author:RKSfluid
  • Release on:2022-05-30


Size DN200-DN600
Pressure Ratings Class 150-Class 300
Remperature Range -46℃~+425℃
Body Material Carbon steel,Stainless steel
Disc Material Carbon steel,Stainless steel
Seat Material UNSS31803
Connection Wafer,Lug,Flange,Butt-weld

Triple eccentric refers to an angle-added on the basis of the double eccentric structure, as the butterfly valve sealing surface shows anoblique cone.riple
eccentric butterfly valve has the following advantages:

I - The sealing performance and reliability of the system are improved.
II - The friction is low, and the valve opening and closing flexibly.
III -The valve service life is longer and it could switch repeatedly.
IV - The resistance of pressure and high temperature is improved, and the range of applications is wide.
The highest pressure of RKS triple eccentric butterfly valve could reach up to 2500 Ib, and the temperature range is-46 ℃up to +425℃.
The sealing performance could be zero leakage and the regulation ratio upto100:1.