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The Role of Candle Filter in Pesticide Production

RKSfluid Newsroom 2019-08-30 10:00:34

The Role of Candle Filter in Pesticide Production

Speakingof pesticides(farm chemical),everyone has some understanding. The ingredients contained in pesticides cankill species that pose a hazard to crops, increase the survival rate of cropsand promote their growth. Common pesticides include insecticides, fungicides,herbicides, and plant growth. Regulators, etc. Although the use of pesticideshas caused a lot of pollution to the environment, we have to admit that the useof pesticides has brought us a lot of benefits, which directly increased theoutput value of crops. In the production of pesticides, pesticide intermediatesare usually used as intermediate media and synergists, and the finishedpesticides are gradually completed on the basis of the pesticides.

                                                                                            Candle Filter in Pesticide Production

In Encyclopedia,the pesticide intermediates are interpreted as “products processed byagricultural raw materials”. It is an intermediate medium that combines two ormore substances. It can be understood as a synergist in pesticides and is anintermediate material for the production of pesticides." Due to thedevelopment of pesticides in recent years, pesticide intermediates have alsoFormed an industry that is gradually becoming known. In the production ofpesticide intermediates, the candle filter plays an important role. It canfilter out the impurities in the pesticide intermediates, prevent secondarypollution in the subsequent pesticide production, and ensure the quality of thefinished products.

RKSfluidcan customize the candle filter according to the customer's requirements anddrawing. The product adopts unique slit type filter element, which is not easyto be stuck by impurities and easy to clean. It also installs ACS self-cleaningcontrol system and DCS remote monitoring system, real-time monitoring andfiltering. The thickness of the cake is cleaned at the right time to avoidfrequent cleaning of the filter cover and save labor costs. The final productis screened by design, production, quality inspection and other departments toensure that the performance of the filter is perfect.