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Butterfly Swing Check Valve

  • Author:RKSfluid Newsroom
  • Release on:2020-04-30
The butterfly swing check valve uses in the industry, the environmental protection, the water treatment, the high-rise construction for the drain line, using of the impediment medium counter.This check valve uses to clamps the type, the butterfly board is two semicircles, also uses the spring compulsion replacement, the packing surface may for the main body built-up welding anti-friction material or the lining with rubber.The use scope is broad, the seal is reliable.

The butterfly check valve valve petal movement space is small, the valve result length may reduce.The valve petal only in the close fluid center spot movement, the valve highly may reduce.Therefore, the valve structure is compact.The valve petal is a wing section.The valve petal opening is big.When fluid flow, as a result of the bias, the valve petal radius of gyration is small, the valve petal can open rapidly.And in the final stage, the steelyard weight crosses the middle line, helps the valve petal to achieve all opens the position, moreover can get up the stabilization, the water flowing influence, does not cause the motion resistance to be small.Therefore time fluid class, the fluid pressure loses slightly.

1.Volumes small, the weight light, the structure compact, is advantageous for the maintenance.
2. Valve boards use the antithesis panel Canada two torsion springs the design, may cause the valve board to shut from the stroke speed.
3. Fast shuts the function, may prevent the medium flows backwards, eliminates the impingement to affect strongly.
4. valve chest structural length size small, the rigidity is good.
5. Installments is convenient, may in horizontal, on the vertical two direction pipeline install.
6. Achieved seals completely, the hydraulic pressure test spillage is a zero.
7. Operational performances safe reliable, the anti-jamming is good.