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How to Install Valve and Flange

RKSfluid Newsroom 2020-07-31 18:09:06
Valve Installation

1.Before installation should check valve packing, the regulation of the gland bolts shall have sufficient margin.

2. Flanged or threaded connection valves should be closed state of the installation.

3. The valve should not be shut down, when welding the deformation to prevent overheating.

4. Before installation of valve, should be checked according to the design model, and according to the medium flow to determine its direction installation.

5. Horizontal pipeline valve, the valve stem shall generally be installed within half weeks.

6. The valve lever (a lot) axis of the clip - angle should not be greater than 300. The joints should be flexible rotation. The thermal displacement of the valve, transmission rod due compensation measures.

7. The valve operating mechanism and transmission device should make necessary adjustment, flexible motion, instructions accurately.

8. When installing cast iron valves, avoid damage caused by strong connections or uneven forces.

9. Before installing the valve, the product must be reviewed.

10. The installation position of the valve should not interfere with equipment, pipeline and the disassembling and maintenance of valve itself. Valve installation height should be convenient operation and inspection.It is advisable to repair, general is apart from the ground 1.2 m, when the valve center within 1.8 m above ground level ground, should concentrate to decorate, and set a fixed platform.

11. Side by side on the pipeline valve, the clear distance between the handwheel shall not be less than 100 mm, in order to reduce the pipe spacing, layout of the valve side by side is best staggered arrangement.

12 straight lift check valve can only be installed in horizontal pipe runs, vertical lift check valve and swing check valves may be installed in a horizontal pipe or in a medium by next to. On the flow in vertical pipe runs.

The Flange Installation

I. The flange of the inspection

(1)For the installation of flange shall be checked, the dimension deviation shall comply with the current ministerial standard, the material should comply with the design requirements.

(2) Flange sealing surface should be smooth level off, can not have burrs and radial groove. Flange threaded portion shall be complete, no damage. Concave and convex surface of the flange

Should be able to natural Mosaic, the height of the raised face shall not be less than the depth of the groove.

(3) The bolt and nut thread is complete, no wounds, no defects such as burrs. Bolts and nuts should cooperate well, no loosening or jamming.

(4 )The asbestos rubber sheet, rubber sheet and soft plastic non-metallic gaskets should be flexible, texture, such as no aging metamorphism or stratification. The surface should not have wreck, wrinkles and other defects.
(5) Metal processing size, precision, roughness and hardness of the gasket should comply with the requirements, the surface crack, burr, notch, radial scratches, rusty spot defects, etc.

(6) Metal and spiral wound gasket should be radial defects such as scratches, loose, warping.

II. The flange installation

(1)  The flange connection should be kept parallel, the flange diameter deviation is not more than 1.5% o, and not about 2 mm. Shall not use the method of strong bolt to eliminate deflection.

(2)  The flange connection should be kept the same axis, the screw hole center deviation is generally not more than 5% of the pore diameter, and ensure the bolt through freely.

(3)  The flange gasket should conform to the standard, do not allow the use of oblique gaskets or double gasket.

(4) The gasket installation, can according to need, besmear respectively

Such as graphite powder, molybdenum disulfide grease oil, graphite coated.

(5) Bolted flange connection should use the same specification, installed in the same direction, the bolt should be symmetrical evenly, elastic moderate, tighten after the leakage that bolt length is not greater than 2 times.

(6) Bolts, should with the flange close to, can not have slot wedge. Need to add gasket, each bolt and washer should not be more than one.