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Butterfly Valve Seat & Seal Ring Replacement Method

RKSfluid Newsroom 2021-02-01 18:14:53
The butterfly valve disc is a key component of the butterfly valve, which acts on closing and opening and closing. Butterfly valve seat and butterfly valve sealing ring replacement method When replacing the sealing ring, first pay attention to two points: 1. Use paint or charcoal to mark the position of the butterfly disc and the sealing ring pressure plate so that the sealing ring can be installed smoothly after replacement; 2 On the sealing ring pressure plate, the original limit screw must not be rotated, and the original position must be maintained to avoid the inability to control the elasticity of the rubber ring after the sealing ring is replaced, and the appropriate position can be achieved by repeated adjustments. The butterfly disc sealing ring of the butterfly valve can be replaced whether it is inside or outside the pipeline.

The replacement steps are as follows: 1. If the butterfly valve has been energized and running, the butterfly disc can be opened to the fully open (90°) position by electric or manual methods, then the main power supply is turned off, and a special person will be guarded to ensure that the butterfly valve will not be started by mistake.

2. Use paint or charcoal to make a position mark on the butterfly disc and the sealing ring pressure plate, so that after changing the ring, it can be assembled according to this position.

3. Using an Allen key, unscrew all the countersunk Allen screws on the pressure plate of the sealing ring and place them in a suitable container to avoid loss. Because the sealing ring pressure plate of the large-diameter butterfly valve is relatively heavy, improper operation may cause personal injury or component damage. Therefore, when removing the screws, first remove the two screws on both sides of the butterfly disc at the farthest end of the valve shaft, and then replace them with two M12 bolts with a length of 150-200 to avoid sudden drop of the seal ring pressure plate. After the two long bolts are tightened, all the remaining screws can be unscrewed to ensure safety.

4. At the same time, two people use a flat wedge-shaped steel rod with a head at a symmetrical position of the butterfly disc, insert it between the sealing ring and the sealing ring pressing plate, and pry, and gradually extend the prying position, so that the entire sealing ring pressing plate is separated from the butterfly disc On the positioning stop. Hang on the two bolts that were previously replaced. If there is space to replace the seal ring, it is not necessary to completely remove and lift the seal ring pressing plate. If the site space is too small for replacement, first use a cloth rope to lift the seal ring, and then remove the two long bolts .

5. Remove the old sealing rubber ring on the butterfly disc and replace it with a new one.

6. Reinstall the sealing ring pressure plate on the butterfly plate according to the marked marks, and tighten all the original countersunk hexagon socket screws.

7. Carefully check whether the seal ring and pressure plate are uniform and appropriate. Then clean up the tools and accessories to ensure that no debris is left in the pipeline.