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Classification Of Water Check Valves And Their Respective Applications

  • Author:RKSfluid
  • Release on:2022-02-18
Hydraulic check valve we all know, is a common water supply pipeline valve, shape can be divided into two classes: swing check valve, lift check valve, dh76x-10 pairs of clip butterfly check valve; If the role of hydraulic control valve supporting gateways, we can also be divided into: quiet check valve, slow open slow close, rolling ball, ball type, HC41X sound check valve, fast close and so on; The main application areas of each type of product will be introduced below.

1.Butterfly check valve: it is mainly used in the water supply pipe network of high-rise buildings, in the pipe network with chemical corrosion or in the pipe network with high requirements on check valve, and in the pipe network with limited installation space, but it is not applicable to the sewage treatment pipe network.

2.lifting sound check valve: suitable for water supply and drainage system, high-rise building pipe network, can be installed at the outlet of the pump, the structure is slightly changed, can be used as a suction valve, but not for sewage pipe network.

3.Lifting mute check valve (CVKR mute check valve) is suitable for water supply and drainage engineering quality requirements of the pipe network; Pipe network with relatively high pressure requirements (pn2.5mpa); It can be installed at the outlet of the pump and is an economical hammer check valve.

4.Swing rubber check valve is mainly used for production water check, not suitable for more sediment sewage projects.

5.Horizontal check valve this kind of product adaptability is strong, can be widely used in diving, drainage, sewage pump, especially suitable for sewage and other systems with remarkable effect.

6. Swing single check valve is suitable for water supply system, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industrial sectors for the place with installation space restrictions, small space, high efficiency.