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How to Do the Cleaning of Prefilter?

RKSfluid Newsroom 2019-08-23 17:11:36
When using the prefilter, the filter needs to be cleaned at regularintervals. After all, the initial filter is not cleaned for a long time, whichmay result in a decrease in the efficiency and effectiveness of the filtrationwork. Lifting, even directly affecting the service life of the primary filter,what kind of problems should you pay attention to when cleaning the prefilter? How can you properly clean the prefilter?

1. Pay attention to the correct way to openit.

When cleaning the primary filter, it is inevitablethat you need to open the primary filter case. If you ignore the opening of thecase, some accidents may occur during the opening process, which may cause theopening of the case to not work very smoothly. It can even cause damage to someparts of the prefilter or joints. It is recommended that before cleaning the prefilter,first understand the way the prefilter is removed and installed, remove theparts to be cleaned in the correct way, and follow the steps to clean it beforeinstalling.

2. To avoid damage to the equipment.

When cleaning the prefilter, it is also necessaryto avoid damage to the device. After all, the disassembly is only part of thecleaning device, and there are many other work that may cause damage to thedevice. RKSfluid reminds everyone that in the process of cleaning, the cleaningagent and brush should be as soft as possible. Do not treat some stains becausethey are not clean and violent. After the cleaning is completed, it isnecessary to dry the prefilter parts, avoid exposure, and avoid hightemperature baking.

3. Pay attention to the cycle of cleaningequipment.

When cleaning the prefilter, one more concern isthe cleaning cycle of the equipment. If there is a good cleaning cycle, theequipment can be cleaned at the right time, so that it will not affect theproduction. Work, you can also avoid the phenomenon of damage to the prefilterdue to long-term lack of cleaning. When determining the initial filter cleaningcycle, you can first estimate the approximate cycle from the quality andperformance of the device, and then determine the specific cleaning cycle basedon the actual conditions of the device during actual use.

In order to better clean the primary prefilter,RKSfluid recommends that you start from the above aspects, let everyone knowwhat to do to better do the initial filter cleaning work, so that the qualityof the primary filter is more stable.