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What's the working principle of Kieselguhr Filter?

2019-07-01 13:05:32

The working principle of Kieselguhr Filter?

The kieselguhr filter (Candle filter /  Cake Filter) which we for customized for fluorine chemical plant six more lithium fluoride phosphate phosphorus process have been installed and working for two years, so far does not appear any problems, obtained the customer good feedback, not only for customers to improve the production efficiency, also make the process more simple and stable.

Diatomite filter is a common process filter, also called filter cake layer filter, is equipped with a number of filter elements in a closed filter container, and then according to the characteristics of the filter medium, temperature, granularity, etc., choose a professional suitable filter fabric. In the process of filtering, the liquid will leave suspended turbidity particles on the surface of the filter cloth after passing through the filter cloth, which is also the medium to be filtered or extracted. These solid particles continue to thicken, eventually forming what is known as the filter cake layer. The "filter cake layer" has small particle Spaces, blocking the channel of medium particle impurities in the liquid, and finally filtering layer by layer, the filtrate becomes clear, achieving the ideal filtering effect.

When the filter cake exceeds a certain thickness, the filter is removed by back blowing or vibration. The "cake layer" is reconstructed to start a new filtration cycle.

The key points of filter cake layer are the control of filter cake, the cleaning of filter residue, the reconstruction of new cake and the monitoring of filtrate quality. The filter cake layer filter developed by RKSfluid group adopts national microcomputer control technology, 3D design, SolidWorks simulation, advanced manufacturing technology, welding technology and 5S management. Automatic control of filter cake layer can be realized, no matter how annoying the medium is, direct drain and online pat dry residue can be achieved. It has completely solved the barrier of filter cake layer filtration technology, and made a beneficial contribution to the overall progress of China's filtration technology, and brought good news to the production problems encountered by the majority of users.