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Hydra Series Resilient Butterfly Valve

RKSfluid 2022-06-17 15:00:12

Butterfly valve structure is relatively simple, the rotation of the valve disc control fluid flow.
In the closed position, the disc blocks the valve orifice, while in the open position, the disc is oriented perpendicular to the flow direction to allow flow.
Butterfly valves typically provide bi-directional flow and shut-off. However, they are not full bore, which makes them unsuitable for pigging or wiping.

The valve body is made of ductile iron with epoxy powder coating on the inner and outer surfaces. Depending on specific application requirements and specifications, valves are usually operated by handwheels, gears or actuators, or a combination thereof.

Technical Data:

Size DN32-DN2400
Pressure Ratings PN6-PN10-PN16(class 150)
Temperature Range -40℃~+120℃
Material Ductile iron,Stainless steel etc
Seat material NBR,EPDM,Nature rubber,Silicon,Viton
Connection Wafer,Lug,U-Section,Double Flange

General Applications:

- Water Treatment
- Irrigation System
- Pumping
- Smart Water Control
- Power Station
- Desalination

Design Standards:

I - Design Standard: ISO 10631 GB/T 12238 AP1 609 BS EN593 DIN 3345 JIS B2032
II - Face to Face: ISO 5752 GB/T 12221 ASME B16.10 BS EN558-1 DIN 3032 JIS B2002
III - Flange Standard: ISO 7005 GB/T 17214 ASME B16.1 ASME B16.5 BS EN1092 GB/T 9113 DIN2501 J1S 2211-2212
IV - Top Flange: ISO 5211 GB/T 12223
V - Pressure Test: ISO 5208 GB/T 13927 API 598 BS EN 12266 DIN 17480 JIS B2003