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Manual valve operation method

Cassie www.liuti.cn 2019-04-01 11:50:16

Manual valve operation method

  The manual valve is a valve operated by the handle and the hand wheel, and is a commonly used valve on the equipment pipeline. Its handle and handwheel rotate clockwise. To turn off, counterclockwise is on. However, there are also individual valves that open opposite to the above. Therefore, check the opening and closing signs before operation and then operate.

  The handwheel and handle on the valve are designed according to normal manpower. Therefore, the use of the valve does not allow the operator to open or close with the aid of a lever and a long wrench. Close the valve. Handwheel, handle diameter (length) <320mm, only allows personal operation, diameter of >320mm hand wheel, allowing two people to work together, or. One person is allowed to operate the valve with the appropriate lever (generally no more than 0.5 m long). However, diaphragm valves, pinch valves, and non-metallic valves are strictly prohibited to use levers or long.If the wrench is operated, it is not allowed to close the valve too much.

  Valves such as gate valves and globe valves, which are closed or opened to the head (ie, bottom dead center or top dead center), should be turned 1/4~1/2 turn to make the thread better fit.Do not overtighten and damage the valve. Some operators are accustomed to using levers and long wrenches. It is considered that the greater the closing force, the better. This can cause premature failure of the valve and even cause an accident.