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Multifunctional Pump Control Valve

  • Author:RKSfluid
  • Release on:2022-10-26

The dual-chamber multi-function pump control valve is installed at the pump outlet to preventand eliminate the damage of water hammer to the pipeline system/pump when the pump is turned on/off;

When the pump opened, the inlet pressure gradually into the valve cavity, so that the valve slowly open, open speed can be adjusted by the needle valve;

When the pump suddenly power failure or stop pumping, lift-off valve disc in its own gravity, Spring Force after the return of the back end of the water hammer force quickly closed.Prevent the back-end of the high-pressure water hammer on the front of the pump damage. Valve closing speed can be adjusted by needle valve or ball valve.

Design Standard:
I - Design Standard:CJ/T 219 & JB/T 10674 & EN 1074-5
II - Construction Length:GB 12221 & EN558-1 First series
III - Pressure:ISO EN PN10, PN16, PN25; ANSI CL125/150/300; JIS 10K/16K:AS Table D, Table E; AS4087 PN16
IV - Test Standard:GB/T 13927 & ISO 5208 & EN12266-1
V - Flange:GB17241.6; EN1092-2; ISO7005-2; ANSI / JIS / AS2129