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Dual Plate Check Valve

  • Author:RKSfluid
  • Release on:2022-11-08

Wafer dual plate check valves, have two springs loaded half-moon shaped discs that rotate around their shaft. They are designed to automatically prevent back-flow in

systems where it is desirable to permit flow in one direction and prevent flow in the opposite direction.

I - Light weight, compact structure, easy maintenance.
II - The valve plate adopts clamp type, which can close automatically under the moment of elastic force of spring.
III - Because of the speed of closing action, can prevent the medium flow back.
IV - The valve body structure size is small, rigidity is good.
V - The valve can be safely and conveniently used for horizontal and vertical installation

Size DN50-DN800
Pressure Ratings PN10/PN16/Class150
Temperature Normal temperature,-10℃~+80℃
Body GG25/GGG40/WCB/SS304/SS316/Duplex stainless steel
Seat EPDM,NBR,Metal
Medium Water,Oil,Gas
Standard DIN,ANSI