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RKSfluid's Distinctive Bag Filter

RKSfluid Newsroom 2019-09-12 16:05:35
RKSfluid's Distinctive Bag Filter

To say the originator of the filter, compared to the up-and-coming automatic backwash filter, scraper filter, candle filter, etc. The bag filter can be said to be well deserved, it is simple in structure, easy to operate, low cost and so on. It is still loved by many consumers. Due to its long history of development, bag filters on the market have matured in various aspects, but it is difficult to innovate. RKSfluid has made in-depth research on bag filters, retaining its advantages in all aspects. On the basis of the above, the shortcomings were broken one by one, and finally four modified bag filters were designed according to different working conditions.

First, top entry type bag filter.

This is a “top entry type” bag filter that takes full advantage of the life of the filter bag and improves filtration. The top cover directly presses the filter bag opening, increasing the sealing pressure and ensuring 100% leak-free filtration.

Second, side-entry bag filter.

In addition to the traditional flat cover, this bag filter is designed with a concave top cover to avoid the spillage of the filtrate when the cover is opened. In addition, the unique compression ring design can apply pressure to the filter bag mouth in all directions to ensure no leakage.

Third, all plastic bag filter.

Traditional bag filters are generally metal casings and are not suitable for use in many chemical industries, especially in the chemical industry where the filtrate is corrosive. RKSfluid has introduced a bag filter with a full plastic casing to meet a variety of acids. In addition to the requirements of the alkali filtrate, it is also highly resistant to high pressure and high temperature conditions.

Fourth, multi-bag filter.

The multi-bags filter is suitable for large flow and large solid content conditions, and the number of filter bags can be arbitrarily selected from 3 to 24. The cover design is diversified. If you need to open the cover frequently, you can choose the spring force arm to help the V-type hoop quick opening.

Filter for fast opening in 30 seconds.

In addition to the rich design of the filter, the filter bag can also be tailored to your needs. This issue is not exhaustive, let us see you next time!