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Working Principle and Scope of Whirlcone

RKSfluid Newsroom 2019-09-20 17:39:51
The whirlcone is also a kind of filtering device. Unlike ordinary filters, ordinary filters pass filter elements such as filter bags and filter elements. According to the nature of impurities in the filtrate, the filtration precision is adjusted and isolated to achieve solid-liquid. The effect of separation. The cyclone utilizes the difference in mass between the solid and the liquid, and forms different centrifugal forces, centripetal buoyancy, fluid drag, etc. by high-speed rotation, resulting in a low-density component rising, discharged from the water outlet, and a dense component sinking. The sewage outlet at the bottom of the equipment is discharged, and finally the effect of solid-liquid separation is achieved. It can be said that the purpose of the whirlcone and the filter is "filtering", but the process is different.

The cyclone produced by RKSfluid is suitable for industries with large differences in impurity and liquid quality, such as coal washing water, river sand removal, industrial beneficiation, etc. It is well received by customers for its low cost, simple structure, easy installation and easy operation. Here, RKSfluid reminds that during installation, it should be noted that the site should be as flat as possible to avoid the influence of the cyclone tilting on the filtering accuracy.

In addition, the cyclone can be used in parallel according to the expected filtering flow, or the cyclone can be connected in series according to the required filtering accuracy. use. Before driving for filtration, ensure that the feed discharge tube of the cyclone is unobstructed, and check that the inlet valve is fully open and the pressure gauge is operating normally. When working on the cyclone, pay attention to the pressure gauge pointing. If it is found to be abnormal, you need to stop the inspection.

Check the pump, feed pipe and discharge pipe, and clear the blockage in time to check if there is no abnormality before driving. Due to the simple process design, the cyclone is also very simple in equipment maintenance, requiring almost no additional maintenance, saving labor time for the company.