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Valve common standards and differences

Cassie www.famens.com 2019-05-07 17:37:21

Valve common standards and differences

American standard
ASME -- American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ANSI -- American National Standards Institute
API -- American Petroleum Institute
MSS SP -- American Valve and Fittings Manufacturers Standardization Association
British Standard -- BS
Japanese Industrial Standard -- JIS/JPI
German national standard -- DIN
French National Standard -- NF
General Purpose Valve Standard -- ASME B16.34 -- Flange End, Butt Weld End and Threaded End Valve

Gate valve standard:
API 600/ISO 10434 -- Oil and gas bolted steel gate valve
BS 1414 -- Steel gate valves for petroleum, petrochemical and refining industries
API 603 -- 150LB corrosion resistant flange end casting gate valve
GB/T 12234 -- Flange and butt weld connection steel gate valve
DIN 3352 -- Gate valve
SHELL SPE 77/103 -- According to ISO10434 steel gate valve

Globe valve standard:
BS 1873 -- Steel globe valves and stop check valves
GB/T 12235 -- Flange and butt weld connection steel shut-off valve and stop check valve
DIN 3356 -- Globe valve
SHELL SPE 77/103 -- BS1873 steel globe valve

Check valve standard:
BS 1868 -- Steel check valve
API 594 -- Wafer and double flange check valves
GB/T 12236 -- Steel swing check valve
SHELL SPE 77/104 -- BS1868 steel check valve

Ball valve standard:
API 6D/ISO 14313 -- Pipeline valve
API 608 -- Flange, threaded and butt welded steel ball valve
ISO 17292 -- Steel ball valves for petroleum, petrochemical and refining industries
BS 5351 -- Steel ball valve
GB/T 12237 -- Flange and butt welded steel ball valve
DIN 3357 -- Ball valve
SHELL SPE 77/100 -- BS5351 Ball Valve
SHELL SPE 77/130 -- according to ISO14313 flange end and butt weld end ball valve

Butterfly valve standard:
API 609  -- Wafer, lug and double flanged butterfly valves
MSS SP-67 -- Butterfly valve
MSS SP-68 -- High Pressure Eccentric Butterfly Valve
ISO 17292 -- Steel ball valves for petroleum, petrochemical and refining industries
GB/T 12238 -- Flange and clip connection butterfly valve
JB/T 8527 -- Metal sealing butterfly valve
SHELL SPE 77/106 -- API608/EN593/MSS SP67 Soft Seal Butterfly Valve
SHELL SPE 77/134 -- API608/EN593/MSS SP67/68 eccentric butterfly valve

Forged steel valve standard:
API 602 -- Flange end, threaded end, welded end and extended valve body connection end compact type gate valve
BS 5352/ISO15761 -- 50 mm and below steel gate valves, globe valves and check valves
SHELL SPE 77/101 -- According to ISO15761 steel gate valve, globe valve and check valve

Cryogenic valve standard:
BS 6364 -- Cryogenic valve
SHELL SPE 77/200 -- -50℃ valve
SHELL SPE 77/209 -- 0~-50℃ valve

Comparison of API, DIN, BS, GB structure:
API 600 and BS1414, BS1873, BS1868, BS5351 have the most detailed structural regulations for valves
DIN gate valve standard EN1984 does not specify the structure
The new version of GB/T12234 is based on the equivalent adoption of the API600 standard

Valve common connection form
FF --- Flat Face Flat Flange Connection (150LB commonly used)
RF --- Raised Face convex flange connection
RTJ --- Ring Joint groove connection (trapezoidal groove)
SW --- Socket welding
NPT --- NPT threaded connection
WAFER - - Clip-on connection
BW long type - - Butt-Welding butt joint long connection
BW short type - - Butt-Welding butt joint short connection

DIN standard now uses EN standard structure length
EN 558-1 PN flange connection valve construction length (instead of DIN 3202), EN 558-2 CLASS flange connection valve construction length (instead of BS2080), EN 12982 butt weld end valve construction length (instead of DIN 3202), DIN standard The length of the structure including the length of the API valve is basically the same as the length of the GB.
The length of the EN 558-2 CLASS flanged valve is the same as ASME B16.10. Most DIN valve users are accustomed to using the F series structure length value in DIN3202.

Such as:
Gate: PN16-25---F5 series              PN40-100--F7 series
Globe: PN10-40--F1 series              PN63-160--F2 series
Check: PN10-40--F1 series              PN63-160--F2 series
Ball: PN10-40 DN10-100--F4 series    DN125-300--F5 series

Valve connection standard
ASME B16.10 -- Valve structural length
ASME B16.5 -- Steel flange and flanged fittings
ASME B16.47 -- Large diameter steel flange
MSS SP-44 -- Steel pipe flange
API 605 -- Compact Flange
ASME B16.25 -- Butt weld end
ASME B16.11 -- Socket and threaded end forged fittings
ASME B36.10 -- Welding and Seamless Steel Tubes

Flange comparison:
The old version of the DIN standard flange uses the DIN2501 standard (PN flange), the new version of the DIN standard uses the EN1092-1 PN flange, but can also include the CLASS flange.
The DIN2501 flange is basically identical to the GB flange and the HG European system flange.
DN15~50 The flanges of different pressures PN10~40 are the same.
The BS standard uses the BS 1560 CLASS flange in accordance with the ASME B16.5 flange, and the BS 4504 PN flange can also be used.
The API standard generally uses RF and RTJ flanges; DIN standard and GB general pressure

Seal material
Formed graphite ring: -250~650℃
Flexible graphite with stainless steel wire: -250~650℃
Tetrafluoroethylene immersion graphite: -200~280℃
Low leakage graphite composite packing: -250~650℃
PTFE: -200~200℃

Middle cavity gasket:
PTFE board
Graphite plate
Strong graphite mat
Toothed pad
Graphite stainless steel winding mat
PTFE-containing stainless steel winding mat
RTJ metal pad
Pressure seal metal seal ring

NBR: -30~121℃
EPDM: -45~120℃
VITON A: -30~204℃
VITON B: -30~204℃
VITON AED: -30~204℃
HNBR: -30~180℃

Soft sealing seat:
PTFE: -200 ~ 200℃
PCTFE: -250 ~ 150℃
NYLON 1010: ~ 20℃
NYLON PA12: -50 ~ 120℃
DEVLON V: -100 ~ 150℃
PEEK: -100 ~ 260℃
Polyphenylene: ~ 400℃

Valve inspection standard
API 598 -- valve inspection and testing
ISO 5208 -- industrial valve pressure test
BS EN 12266-1 -- replaces BS6755-1 industrial valve pressure test
JB/T 9092 -- Inspection and test of valve
SHELL SPE77/302 -- General Valve Material, Inspection and Certification Requirements
SHELL SPE77/303 -- Special Service Condition Valve Material, Inspection and Certification Requirements