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Valve legend symbol

Cassie 2019-04-04 16:01:56
Introduction to the valve legend:

  The valve legend (valve graphical symbol) is a graphical representation of the valve in a simple graphic depiction. The valve legend plays a schematic and standard role. In general, the valve legend is not much different, but there will be some regional differences.

  The valve legend includes a legend for each type of valve, which also contains symbol information for various commonly used valves such as ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, and globe valves. In the professional drawing of water supply and drainage, the valve legend is an important reference.

  Different types of valve symbols are different. To help you master the symbolic representation of each valve, the following is a summary of the valve legend for everyone to review.

No. Name Picture
1 Gate Valve
2 Angel Valve
3 Tee Valve
4 Four-way Valve    
5 Globe Valve
6 Electrial Valve   
7 Hydraulic Valve     
8 Pneumatic Valve
9 Reducing Valve     
10 Plug Valve
11 Bottom Valve
12 Ball valve     
13 Diaphragm Valve      
14 Open Diaphragm Valve     
15 Gas Closed Diaphragm Valve
16 Temperature Adjusting Valve   
17 Pressure Regulating Valve   
18 Solenoid Valve
19 Check Valve
20 Silent Check Valve   
21 Butterfly Valve
22 Spring Safety Valve    
23 Counterweight Relief Valve
24 Automatic Air Valve
25 Float Ball Valve
26 Time-lapse Self-closing Flush Valve
27 Drain Valve