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ANSI ductile Iron 200X adjustable pressure relief valve PN16 for water systemANSI ductile Iron 200X adjustable pressure relief valve PN16 for water systemANSI ductile Iron 200X adjustable pressure relief valve PN16 for water system

ANSI ductile Iron 200X adjustable pressure relief valve PN16 for water system

  • Product Name:Automatic Hydraulic Control Valve
  • Size:DN40-DN1200
  • Working Medium:Water, Oil
  • Temperature:0°C~70°C
  • Body:DI/SS/Bronze
  • Seat: SS/Brass/Bronze
  • Material:Ductile Iron/Stainless Steel/Cast Steel/Bronze/Aluminum Alloy
  • Design Standards:CJ/T 219 & JB/T 10674 & EN 1074-5
  • Pressure Level:PN10, PN16, PN25
  • Stress Test Standard:GB/T 13927 & ISO 5208 &EN12266-1
  • Flange drilling standard:GB17241.6; EN1092-2; ISO7005-2; ANSI / JIS / AS2129
  • Structure Length:GB 12221 & EN558-1
  • Face to Face:GB 12221 / EN 558-1 / ISO 5752 Series 1
Pressure-reducing valve is also called pressure-stabilizing valve, pressure-reducing pressure-stabilizing valve. No matter how the flow or pressure before the valve fluctuations and changes,The valve can be high pressure before the valve reduced to low pressure after the valve,and maintain stability; even if the valve no user water, can also maintain a stable outlet pressure (reduced static pressure).

Fully bore globe pattern design, lowest head loss while fully open
Keep stable working condition even the flow rate close to zero
High sensitive and strength fabric reinforced diaphragm
- 1000000 cycles test between fully close and open with working pressure
- 5 times of working pressure destructive test
Most components are machined by CNC
Fusion bonded epoxy coating process is based on GSK & WIS standard
High standard production test
- Seal test: Low pressure 0.5 bar
High pressure 1.1xPN+1 bar
- Shell test: 1.5xPN+1 bar
- Pressure modulated vibration: +/-0.2 bar
Data collected automatically 1000 times/sec, display with static or dynamic chart
Easy installation, operation and free maintenance
Different materials with WRAS/KTW/NSF/FDA/ACS certification to meet different market

Application Area
urban water supply and industrial,agricultural water transmission lines,etc.

Working Principle
pressure reducing valve is an accurate and pilot controlled valve ,It can be reduce a high inlet water pressure to a steady downstream pressure regardless of the inlet water pressure chanding.

 Size  DN40-DN1200
 Working Medium  Water
 Temperature  0℃~70℃
 Material  Ductile Iron/Stainless Steel/Cast Steel/Bronze/Aluminum Alloy

 DN  L  H  H1  DN  L  H  H1
 40  230  139  85  250  730  476  205
 50  230  139  85  300  850  526  232
 65  290  159  95  350  980  585  262
 80  310  179  102  400  1100  624  292
 100  350  214  112  500  1250  720  360
 125  400  278  127  600  1450  835  424
 150  480  333  145  800  1850  1110  515
 200  600  407  172  1000  2250  1350  630

Ⅰ Business area: fluid control products, technology and environmental protection products.
Ⅱ Advanced CNC machining centers, professional process cells, wide-range welding equipment, automatic assembly lines and coating.
Ⅲ China's standard reference unit, to participate in the development of relevant valve industry standards.
Ⅳ We have set up a research and development center in Houston, Texas, in the United States.
Ⅴ Product Standard: GB, German Standard, American Standard, TUV CE, ISO 9001, ADWO-2000, TS, PED, WRC WRAS, KTW, API 6D, API609.                       
VI Main production: butterfly valve, ball valve, gate valve, check valve, globe valves, pipe fittings, manual / pneumatic / electric actuator, valve parts

Q: If I need quotation, what informations do we need?
A: Valves' materials, Temperature, Pressure, Medium, Appllication System.

Q: Can you provide actuators, what you have?
A: Pneumatic, Electric, Hrdraulic, Solenoid Valves. RKSfluid actuators adopt USA technology. Which you need, just tell us.

Q: What's your productive capacity?
A: RKSfluid has four plants that can provide the products you need.

Q: Production lead time
A: Normal products have stock in 2~5 working days. Customized base on your need.

A: 1pc for all products.

Q: How about the quality assurance?
A: 100% quality test before delivery, 2 years warranty. Ensure your system working safety.
   We got TUV, API, WRAS, CE, ISO certification.
   Standard conform to DIN, ASME, BS EN, JIS, API, AWWA.

Q: How could you provide quality service to our customers?
A: RKSfluid own 20 years experiences and more than 70 R&D engineers provide technical support, model selection and installation guidance for you.

RKSfluid Flow Control Co., Ltd.

Tel:+86 151 4027 2439

Contact Person:Damon

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