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Factory Direct DN50 2 Factory Direct DN50 2 Factory Direct DN50 2

Factory Direct DN50 2 "GGG40 Flang Ductile Filed / Automatic flank Liberation of air valve PN10 PN16 PN16

  • Product: air release valve
  • Size beach: DN25-DN300
  • Pressure notes: PN10 PN16
  • Headquarters: NBR / EPDM
  • Body: Ductile iron, GJS 500-7
  • Trim: SS304 SS316 etc.
  • Media: gas
  • Connection: ARVS / Kars-BPT threaded, at the origin of Karx
  • Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃
  • Coating: Epoxy RAL 5010 Powder coating ≥250 μm

The description:

1. Advanced design with simple mechanism, strong float to prevent cracking during the sudden water hammer and quick closure. 2.Aerokinetics mechanism to resist the loss of the breath under a higher speed of air, even up to the sound speed of the air. 3. Basic rubber pad for collision prevention and easily drain with appropriate holes around the cage during the void. The outdoor screen will be an option for safety and prevent insects or birds. 4. No, arms or levers to avoid vibrations, flexion, direct closure of the float. 5.Comply with BS in 1074-4

RKSfluid was founded in 1997. We are a production workshop for the foundry and
Center for machining, research and development and quality inspection center. The making
Installations include CNC machining centers, professional treatment cells, a wide spectrum
Welding equipment, automatic assembly lines and coating. We have formed a team for design,
Research. Our new test center as a public service platform test center in
Liaoning province, become the standard GB of the Chinese valve reference unit, to participate
in the development of relevant valve industry standards. In order to accelerate the
Expansion of the integration of companies and resources abroad, and to support the success of RKS
Fluid sales in the United States, German, Russia. We have an American agent. Our product design standards
Cover: GB, ISO, German and American standard, approved by TUV for this and adwo- 2000,
ISO9001, TS, API. Our products: manual ball valves, pneumatically and electrically,
Butterfly valves and door valves. Anti-return valves, automatic control valves. Castings and
Fitting: valve body, hats, discs, stems, gearbox, universal couplings, bridle adapters,
Pressing cups. After years of development, we continue to improve and seek innovation
while joining "proven technology, higher functionalities and legendary value" as our
Product value philosophy. Customer satisfaction is our work goal!
Ⅰ Activity field: Fluid control products, technologies and environmental protection products.

Ⅱ Advanced CNC machining centers, professional process cells, welding equipment, automatic assembly lines and coating.

Ⅲ Standard reference unit of China, to participate in the development of relevant standards of the valves industry.

Ⅳ We have created a research and development center in Houston, Texas, in the United States.

Ⅴ Product standard: GB, German Standard, American Standard, TUV CE, ISO 9001, Adwo-2000, TS, Ped, WRC WRA, KTW, API 6D, API609.

VI Main production: Butterfly valve, ball valve, grid valve, anti-return valves, globe valves, pipe fittings, manual / pneumatic / electric actuator, valve parts.

RKSfluid Flow Control Co., Ltd.

Tel:+86 151 4027 2439

Contact Person:Damon

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