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Application of Butterfly Valve in Sewage Treatment Plant

RKSfluid Newsroom 2019-12-27 18:24:37
Due to the wiping nature of the butterfly valve plate movement, most butterfly valves can be used for media with suspended solid particles. Depending on the strength of the seal, it can also be used for powdery and granular media.

The structure and overall height of the butterfly valve are small, and the opening and closing speed is fast. When fully opened, it has less fluid resistance. When it is opened to about 15 degrees to 70 degrees, it can perform sensitive flow control The structural principle of the butterfly valve is most suitable for making large-caliber valves.

Under the following working conditions, butterfly valves are recommended:
① Throttling is required to adjust the control flow;
② Mud medium and medium containing solid particles;
③ Where the length of the valve structure is required to be short;
④ Where fast opening and closing is required;
⑤ Where the pressure difference is small.

Under special working conditions, the throttle adjustment or strict sealing requirements, or severe wear, low temperature (deep cold) and other working conditions, the use of special design metal seal with three eccentric or double eccentric special butterfly valve with adjustment device .