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DN600 24 inch PN10 Flange butterfly valve Shipment to Southeast Asia

RKSfluid 2023-02-23 16:29:27
Flanged butterfly valve features:
Flange type butterfly valve has a light and simple structure.It has good media control characteristics.Butterfly valve has two sealing forms, one is metal seal and resilient seal,so it can achieve better sealing effect in different system environment.

Flange butterfly valve has various driving methods, manual, electric or pneumatic hydraulic.
The main connection method of flange butterfly valve is flange.

The butterfly plate is an important part of the flange butterfly valve.Commonly available are stainless steel valve material ductile iron material. Can be sprayed with different coatings according to the medium passed, can be coated with PTFE or nylon, etc.

The sealing performance of flange butterfly valve is very reliable, and its sealing ring can be replaced The outer circle of butterfly plate of flange butterfly valve adopts spherical structure, and the connection between butterfly plate and stem adopts pinless structure, which not only greatly improves the sealing performance of the valve, but also prolongs the service life of butterfly valve.

The directional characteristics of the medium running inside the flange butterfly valve tend to be straight, with good regulation and control. Simple and compact structure, easy to open and close, only need to rotate 90 to complete, fast. Flange butterfly valve can be installed in any position, easy to install, and easier to maintain and clean.