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RKSfluid Valve Takes You Understand Resilient Seat Gate Valve

RKSfluid Newsroom 2020-01-21 10:16:59
Resilient seat gate valve is a replacement product of traditional gate valve. It uses the elastic gate plate to produce a small amount of deformation compensation to achieve a good sealing effect. The valve has the advantages of light switching, reliable sealing, good elastic memory and long service life.

The use of resilient seat gate valve produced by RKSfluid is described below:

1. The opening and closing direction of the soft seal gate valve should be closed clockwise.
2. In order to facilitate the opening and closing operation of one person, the maximum opening and closing torque should be 240Nm under the condition of pipeline pressure. Due to the pneumatic valve in the pipe network, it is often manual opening and closing. Large-caliber valves should also be within 200-600 revolutions.
3. If the soft-sealed gate valve is buried deeper, when the operating mechanism and the display panel are at a distance of 1.5m from the ground, an extension rod facility should be provided and fixed firmly so that people can observe and operate from the ground. In other words, the opening and closing of valves in the pipeline network is not suitable for downhole operations.
4. The opening and closing operation end of the soft-sealed gate valve should be square tenon, and its size is standardized and facing the ground, so that people can directly operate from the ground. Valves with roulette are not suitable for underground pipe networks.

The resilient seat gate valve produced by RKSfluid valve utilizes the deformation compensation effect of the valve's overall encapsulation to achieve a good sealing effect. It overcomes the leakage and rust of the general gate valve seal and saves installation space more effectively. More effective installation space saving, can be widely used in water and sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, power, marine, metallurgy, energy systems and other fluid pipelines as regulating and shut-off devices.