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Sharing and Cooperation Are Best Prescriptions for COVID-19

RKSfluid News Room 2020-04-03 14:09:38

In order to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, win this must-win battle, international exchanges and cooperation is imperative.

Our country's front-line medical workers in the fight against the disease at the same time day and night to write down the prevention and control and clinical treatment experience, and quickly published this " Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment", hoping to give the world's medical staff some practical advice and reference.

This handbook in the preparation process compared the analysis of other team work experience, for the patient type treatment principle and the diagnosis and treatment process may occur in the various types of problems have provided a detailed and comprehensive answer, for the hospital feeling (hospital infection management), clinical, nursing and other important departments to provide good work reference.

It is a comprehensive guide and best practice for medical experts to respond to new coronary pneumonia. It is a condensation China top medical expert should to the COVID-19 comprehensive guide and the best practice.

Main Content:

1) Epidemic prevention and control technology strategy.
2) Diagnosing and treating and danger critically ill treat and cure the plan.
3) Nursing methods and experience.

This handbook had Chinese, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Persian, the Indonesian language, the Arabic edition at present. Hope can bring you help. (Due to the large size of the Arabic version file, please contact our info@rksfluid.com for information and we will respond immediately.)

For the Handbook popularization and the dissemination contribution strength, our RKSfluid website has deliberately opened up a download channel: https://www.chinavalvesmanufacturer.com/download/12.htm