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Application and Driving Mode of Sanitary Butterfly Valve in Sanitary Field

  • Author:RKSfluid Newsroom
  • Release on:2020-04-01
Sanitary butterfly valve is a widely used valve in the sanitary field. The reason why it is called a butterfly valve is not to say that it looks like a butterfly, but because this form of valve has a simpler structure and uses It is more convenient, the appearance is relatively small, and the opening and closing are very flexible. But the butterfly is also a small and flexible insect, and there are many similarities, so this device is called a sanitary butterfly valve.

The driving methods of sanitary butterfly valves are manual, pneumatic, electric, etc. Among them, pneumatic butterfly valves are used as terminal components in process control. People have a newer understanding of its importance than in the past. The quality of the product, in addition to the quality of the product itself, In addition to the correct installation, use, and maintenance of the user, it is important to calculate and select correctly. Due to the wrong selection during purchase, the system may be turned on and off, and some may not even be put into use. Users and system designers must pay attention to the selection principles of pneumatic sanitary butterfly valves. The specific principles are as follows.

Due to the calculation and selection errors, the system will start and stop, and some may not even be put into use. Therefore, users and system designers should recognize the importance of valves in the field, and must pay sufficient attention to the selection of regulating valves. According to the process conditions, select the appropriate structural form and material; according to the characteristics of the process object, select the flow characteristics of the pneumatic sanitary butterfly valve; according to the process operating parameters, select the appropriate diameter of the pneumatic sanitary butterfly valve; according to the requirements of the process, choose the Auxiliary devices needed; reasonable selection of implementing agencies.

The pneumatic sanitary butterfly valve with the same diameter as the pipeline and the valve trim which restricts the flow capacity are used to reduce the inlet pressure and the outlet fluid flow rate of the valve. It is not necessary to install additional pipe fittings such as reducers, which is conducive to reducing costs. The valve trim can expand the flow capacity. By selecting the valve trim with limited flow capacity, the calculation caliber error can be corrected.