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Using seawater desalination to produce fresh water - sea water desalination project

RKSfluid 2022-09-01 11:37:49
Industrial water treatment industry—We have the perfect production line.

Clean water is a precious resource endowed by nature to human beings, but with the continuous increase of human water consumption, this precious resource is constantly decreasing.
We can provide a wide range of solutions to meet your specific needs.
Pneumatic/electric/manual control type ball valve, butterfly valve and regulating valve, etc., we have everything.

Desalination is the use of seawater desalination to produce fresh water.
Seawater desalination is an open source and incremental technology to realize the utilization of water resources. It can increase the total amount of fresh water, and is not affected by time, space and climate. It can ensure the stable water supply for coastal residents and industrial boilers, such as drinking water.
Seawater desalination methods currently in use include seawater freezing, electrodialysis, distillation, reverse osmosis, and the profitable ammonium carbonate ion exchange method.

At present, the application of reverse osmosis membrane reverse osmosis method, with its advantages of simple equipment, easy maintenance and modular equipment rapidly occupy the market, gradually replace the distillation method, become the most widely used method.
Special valves for seawater desalination are mainly double-phase steel and Hastelloy material ball valve, butterfly valve, globe valve and regulating valve, etc., the pressure difference is large, crystal wear and erosion, high frequency of opening and closing, for the valve details processing requirements are extremely high. Many years of technical breakthroughs and the introduction of European valve technology digestion innovation, has achieved great results, completely comparable to Europe and the United States imported valves, high cost performance.