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SEBF anti-corrosion coating

Cassie 2019-01-16 10:28:36

SEBF (Super Epoxy Bond Fusion Technology) is a fusion-bonded epoxy powder anti-corrosion technology. The epoxy powder coating in SEBF is mainly composed of the following parts: epoxy resin, filler, leveling agent, curing agent, coupling agent, etc. .

1. Characteristics of SEBF powder coating

(1) Stable chemical properties, corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, salts and sewage

(2) Good abrasion resistance and five times higher wear resistance than cast iron

(3) High impact strength, no delamination, cracks and damage by 12J impact

(4) Strong adhesion, bonding φ30mm two cylinders with this coating, can withstand more than 5 tons of tensile force

(5) The thickness of the coating can be adjusted between 0.03~3mm according to the design requirements.

(6) The service life can reach 30 years

(7) The coating is non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting and meets environmental protection requirements.

1 epoxy resin. It is the base of powder, the solid resin containing polymer, its molecular weight, distribution and impurities directly affect the quality of the layer.

2 filler. It is an inorganic substance added to the hardness, strength, wear resistance and dimensional stability of the coating, and is the main raw material of the coating.

3 leveling agent. The role is to increase the fluidity of the resin during the melting process, increase the flatness of the coating and reduce pinholes, orange peel and other defects

4 curing agent. The resin is crosslinked into a networked material in a molten state, and the degree of curing reaction directly determines the performance of the coating.

5 coupling agent. Promote the activity of the interface in the raw material, and increase the bonding force between various raw materials, especially between the filler and the resin.

SEBF anti-corrosion coating

The single-layer fusion-bonded epoxy powder anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe is a new type of anti-corrosion layer that has been developed in the past 30 years. The epoxy powder coating is applied by electrostatic spraying to form a film at a time. The coating has the characteristics of simple coating operation, no pollution, good impact resistance and bending resistance, and high temperature resistance. Epoxy powder anti-corrosion steel pipe use: The products are widely used in oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines, heating pipelines, water supply pipelines.

With the development of the economy and the improvement of the quality of life requirements, people have stricter requirements on water quality, and they are paying more and more attention to the treatment of sewage and water. Salts and some chemicals in the water corrode steel and concrete linings and PCCP concrete pipes. When CO32-, SO42- plasma and dissolved oxygen penetrate into the steel surface, the steel is oxidized, and the volumetric expansion of the corrosion products causes the concrete to rupture, resulting in steel pipes, The cast pipe is corroded, the concrete pipe is broken, and the water quality is polluted.

In order to prevent corrosion, the inner wall of steel pipe and concrete pipe can be coated with anti-corrosion coating for protection. At present, the commonly used anticorrosive materials at home and abroad mainly include epoxy powder outer coating and polyurethane resin coating. The epoxy powder outer coating has excellent salt and alkali resistance and can adhere to the alkaline surface of the concrete layer for a long time. It is the preferred coating for anti-corrosion and anti-seepage of the concrete layer surface. This has greatly improved the service life and occupies an important position in my national defense rust steel pipe.